Lahore, December 14:

          A revolutionary step has been taken at Lahore General Hospital (lgh) for immunization of newborns on time and for this purpose, an EPI counter has been set up in the labor room so that the parents do not have to bother to go to any other department.

Special EPI counters established in labor room of LGH 1

           This was stated by the Principal, PGMI and AMC Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar while talking to the media, today. He said that most of the time mothers and children would have to leave the hospital without giving immediate vaccinations which could pose great dangers to the health of infants. Now, with the LGH administration’s efforts, the health of newborns will be protected, he added. MS LGH Dr. Abdul Razzaq, Additional Director Dr. Laila Shafiq, Nursing Supervisor Anwar Sultana and EPI In-charge Shahneela Komal were also present on the occasion.

          Talking to the media, Prof. Al-freed Zafar briefed that the LGH administration has ensured immediate vaccination of infants as per the instructions of Punjab Government and Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid and special EPI counter in the labor room is a significant development in this regard which will not only provide 100% vaccination to the children but also give awareness to the parents about immunization. Prof. Al-freed told that kids’ immunization and vaccination drops are being provided free of cost for which the Government has to bear the cost of thousands of rupees per child so that the new generation can be kept healthy and strong by providing immunity against diseases. In response to a question, Prof. Zafar said that he would propose to the Pb. Govt. to provide 100% immunization to the infants and for this purpose Education Department may make appropriate amendments and in schools the certificate of completion of immunizations at the time of admission should be made a part of the admission policy. Principal PGMI directed EPI In-charge Shahneela Komal to ensure full monitoring of immunization in outdoor and labor rooms and send him weekly report on a regular basis.

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