Special discounts have been given to the people who have been vaccinated against corona virus in Dubai restaurants.

The UAE(United Arab Emirates) has innoculated 2.5 million of public out of 10 million.

Restaurants are offering 10% discount to the public who have taken the first dose of corona vaccine and 20% to those who have taken both the shots. “Spread love, not Rona,” told the fliers of the restaurants.

Special Discounts to the vaccinated people in Dubai 1

The restaurants run under Gates Hospitality announced on Sunday that they will give 10% discount to the people who have taken the first shot of the corona vaccine and 20% to the people who have taken the complete 2 shots of the vaccine.

But for this discount the public should give the proof of the vaccination against the corona virus.

“There’s two ways to look at it, either it’s another marketing stunt, or a genuine motivation to get more people vaccinated,” tweeted some people.

Dubai tourism and restaurants are still operating with the rules of wearing the masks and maintaining the social distancing.

277,000 infections including 792 deaths are recorded by the UAE government up till now.

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