Smartphone based corona testing is developed by a Pakistani doctor, Dr. Naqeeb Khalid.

Pakistani authorities congratulated the doctor on his endless efforts and this remarkable achievement.

Dr. Naqeeb Khalid developed the smartphone based corona testing as Director of medical Device program at Montreal based Two Photon Reasearch Inc. The Pakistani High commision said that The Covid test ideas displayed and communicated on a smartphone are new, innovative and commendable.

He showed hope that these quick, innovative, new and inexpensive inventions will be of tremendous help in overcoming the Corona pandemic and also in other viral diseases such as dengue.

Smartphone based Corona testing develops by Pakistani doctor 1

The authorities said that this will undergo testing for the efficacy and effectiveness to see its worth before we put it to use on public level.

The app is available on the Appstore and playstore and is available for download. “Instant, accurate and low-cost testing that does not rely on laboratory testing is essential in containing the pandemic and together with vaccines, we can control the Covid-19 outbreak and return our lives and economies to normal,” Dr. Naqeeb said.

According to Dr. Naqeeb Khalid this innovation will not only develop the results instantly but will also save the results along with the time and their GPS info.

The Pakistani authorities have congratulated Dr. Naqeeb and his brother who helped him in developing this new and innovative testing kit.

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