Show-Cause Notice to KE VC Khalid Masood Gondal in ‘harassment’ case

LAHORE: The Punjab Ombudsperson Women has issued show cause notice to Vice Chancellor King Edward Medical University (KE) Prof. Dr Khalid Masood Gondal on sexual harassment complaint moved by a lady doctor Dr Dalia Mehmood.The Ombudsperson Rukhsana Gilani has directed the Vice Chancellor to submit reply within five days in response to the complaint filed through Mian Dawood Advocate under The Protection Against Harassment Of Women At The Workplace Act (Amended) 2013.

Khalid Masood gondal,
Prof.Dr.Khalid Masood Gondal, VC KEMU

The complainant lady doctor, working as Demonstrator in BPS-17, said in her complaint that she was being sexually harassed by the Vice Chancellor KEMU for the last one and half year. The complainant said that the accused has so many times personally requested for sexual requests, passed comments containing sexual words whenever the complainant came face to face during the premises. These words were as fellow.

( تمہارا ٹرائوزر بہت اچھا ہے، تم مجھے بہت اچھی لگتی ہو، تمہیں اپنے مستقبل کے بارے میں سوچنا چاہیے، جب دل کرے میرے آفس آ سکتی ہو، میرے ساتھ تعلقات بنائو گی تو بہت جلدی ترقی کرو گی، وغیرہ وغیرہ )

She further said that when the complainant refused the immoral and sexual demands of the accused vice chancellor, he through his blue-eyed officials started targeting the complainant with the ill-will, bad, abusive and sexual intentions.

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She alleged that when the complainant rejected the immoral and sexual demands of the accused vice chancellor, he threatened that he would ruin the career and life of the complainant as she is an unmarried lady aged 29 years. She added that she was being forced to sit in the vice chancellor office as well as his side office with no reasons and then she was asked to come again. She said that the vice chancellor was got issuing to her frivolous notices from the unauthorized authorities and from unknown whatsapp numbers.

The complainant lady doctor said that she had the audio records of the threats and harassment hurled by the vice chancellor along with his blue-eyed officials when she refused to accept his each and every immoral demand. In order to trap the complainant in some misconduct or illegal acts, the vice chancellor office had forced the complainant lady to sign and verify some illegal money bill of a contractor, the lady doctor mentioned in her complaint.

She maintained that the KEMU record could be perused to establish the harassment acts and sexual deeming attitudes of the vice chancellor that accused vice chancellor is not signing and issuing the experience letter to the complainant lady doctor, not refunding the summer leave which the complainant had not availed, and not allowing his political group fellow Prof Dr Arif Rasheed Malik to sign the relieving from Forensic Medicine Department and ACR reports of the complainant because she is not surrendering her life, dignity, self-respect before him.

She alleged that the accused vice chancellor and his blue-eyed colleagues are harassing, threatening and pressurizing the complainant to resign from the service or be ready to face the termination if the complainant will not bow before his illegal, immoral and sexual demands.

Show-Cause Notice to KE VC Khalid Masood Gondal in 'harassment' case 1
Show cause notice

The complaint requested the Punjab Ombudsperson Women to take cognizance of her complaint under The Protection Against Harassment Of Women At The Workplace Act (Amended) 2013 by punishing the accused vice chancellor under the said law and also provide protection the life, dignity and job of the complainant.

Hearing against Prof.Dr. Khalid Masood Gondal fixed

The Punjab Ombudsperson Women Rukhsana Gilani admitted the complaint for regular hearing by issuing show cause notice to the Vice Chancellor KEMU for submit his reply within five days, failing which ex-parte proceedings will be conducted against him. The Punjab Ombudsperson Women also directed the Governor of Punjab to ensure that no such proceedings whatsoever will be conducted against the complainant lady doctor by the vice chancellor in retaliation during the proceedings before Ombudsperson. The next date has been fixed 22 December 2020.

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