LAHORE, December 13:Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid said here on Sunday that risk of spread of coronavirus has increased multifold due to public gatherings by the PDM. She said that the onus and responsibility of COVID-19 getting out of control in Punjab will be on the PDM leadership.

Yasmin Rashid
Dr.Yasmin Rashid

The Health Minister said, “Every person attending the rally must self quarantine himself for 14 days voluntarily to prevent the spread of the virus to family members and dear ones. The government asked PDM Leadership to refrain from holding public gatherings due to the increasing number of Corona cases but the Opposition parties still put the lives of their workers at great risk.

The PDM Leadership has exposed the lives of their workers to serious risk over an attempt to hide corruption and make small political gains. People of Pakistan will not forgive PDM over their irresponsible act of fuelling the Pandemic.”

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