Prof. Brig (Retd.) Shaheen Moin, Dean of Medical School Rawalpindi died last day due to corona virus, stated in a statement issued by YDAP.

Prof. Brig (Retd.) Shaheen Moin
Prof. Brig (Retd.) Shaheen Moin

She has served the humanity as a doctor and his career is extended to around a half century. She was a consultant in Internal medicine for 37 years and a teacher of MBBS and FCPS programs for 35 years. She was also a examiner of FCPS:IMM and part 2 examination.

May Allah bless her highest rank in Jannah.

Hundred of doctors are suffering from the novel corona virus in Pakistan and death ratio is increasing day by day. Doctors community is the front line soldiers against the coronavirus but due to lack of funds not receiving proper safety gadgets.

Cabinet has approved a fund of 150 million dollars to procure the corona vaccine and it has declared that in first phase this vaccine will provided to healthcare workers and patients above 65 years of age.

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