Sehat Card PlusP – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that the prime minister is like a father figure for a country.

“A prime minister is like a father for his people. And a father ensures a good upbringing of his children,” said PM Imran Khan at the launch of the Sehat Card Plus Programme in Swat.

At the gathering PM Imran lauded the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for launching the programme and taking the decision to “give health cards to all its citizens”.

Addressing the youth in the crowd, the prime minister repeated once again that his government envisions a Pakistan based on the principles of the state of Madina. He added that the state had two principles — one was its system based on humanitarianism and the other on the rule of law.

PM Imran Khan said that the decision taken by KP government to provide health cards stems from the first principle. He added that with every family having Rs1 million as a health cover, there will no longer be budgetary concerns.

“There will be surety in a household that if someone falls sick he will have a health card and can get treatment in any hospital, be it government or private,” said the prime minister.

Other government projects

PM Imran, while talking about other government projects, said that the Naya Pakistan housing scheme will for the first time in Pakistan’s history allow a poor man to buy their own house.

The prime minister also shared that the government was facing delays in implementing the project due to the foreclosure law that was stuck in the courts.

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