Islamabad, Nov.25(PFP)Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed the nation to strictly follow the SOPs and precautionary measures to control spread of Covid-19 pandemic.Talking to media in Lahore on Wednesday evening, Prime Minister said pressure on hospitals as well as on Pakistan’s economy will mount if SOPs are not followed in letter and spirit.

He said with the blessing of Almighty Allah, the nation not only successfully overcame economic problems, but also contained spread of the Coronavirus during the first wave of the pandemic.

He said all this happened due to the complete support from the people, especially, Ulema. He said Pakistan was the only Muslim country in the world, which did not close its mosques as Ulema played a pivotal role in observing SOPs in mosques. He urged people to make it mandatory for themselves to wear face mask, which is the easiest way to prevent spread of Coronavirus.

The Prime Minister said the government has decided not to close factories and other sources of earning in order to save people’s lives from COVID-19 and the hunger. He said today Faisalabad’s textile industry is running with full capacity and contributing in enhancing Pakistan’s exports.  

Answering a question, Imran Khan said we have postponed our public rallies to avoid spread of the contagion. He said the government will not allow anyone, including the opposition, to endanger people’s lives by holding public rallies. He said they will not get any NRO by organizing mass gatherings and they should refrain from jeopardizing people’s lives

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