By : Azhar Ul Haq Wahid
Lahore :
Director General Murtza Haider Punjab Human Organ’s Transplant Authority (PHOTA) presented anual progress in media briefing on Tuesday in Lahore .
Haider’s said that the liver transplantation is a big challenge because of low number of liver surgeons in Pakistan. We allowed the third degree relatives to donate Organ’s for transplantation to save the humans. he added the kidney transplantation had lesser issues than liver transplantation.
We had directed to all transplant hospitals to conduct training workshops for medical staff.
Legal director of PHOTA Muhammad Imran added 28 hospitals are registered with PHOTA, 5 hospitals are registered for liver transplantation, 23 hospitals for cornua cornea of eye transplantation,2 hospitals for bone marrow transplantation are registered.
PHOTA department Head of vigilance Adnan Bhatti, conducted 25 raids and 17 FIRs against the culprits and inquiries are in process.

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