Shutters 7 labs, issues notices to 16other centres

LAHORE : While continuing with special inspections of laboratories and collection centres, the Punjab Healthcare Commission has shuttered seven labcollection centres, while issuing notices to 16 others forviolating directions and standard operating procedures.

PHC’s special inspections of labs, collection centres 1

During the last two days, the PHC special enforcement teams visited the premises of 25 labs and collections in different partsof the city. Those, functioning without registrations, pathologists and other qualified staff, carryingout tests in collection centres and not sending samples to their main labs, conducting PCR Covid-19 test without approval from the competent authority and collecting samples as well, were sealed. These included Lahore Healthcare Lab, Chugtai Plus Lahore Lab and Collection Centre, Muslim Lab, Fatima Lab, Hassan Laboratory, Doctors’ Lab Collection Centre, Ittefaq Hospital Collection Centre and Hamid Latif Hospital Collection Centre.

On the other hand, notices were also issued to labs and collection centres which did not have memoranda of understanding for the waste disposal, lacking in internal quality assurance and non-availability of a pathologist at his scheduled time. Notices were served on Innova Lab & Diagnostic Collection Centre, Tariq Diagnostic Centre, Salman Chughtay’s Lab & Collection Centre, Bio-Tech Laboratory & Research Centre, Pride Lab, University of Lahore Teaching Hospital Diagnostic Centre, AK Laboratory, Hormone Lab, Livartes Pathology Lab, Hi-Vision Lab, Central Lab, Nehal Diagnostic Centre, Model Lab & Diagnostic Centre, Al-Faisal Lab, Multicare Laboratories and Meezan Lab. As per a spokesperson of the Commission, the PHC will continue with special inspections, and do so in other major cities from time-to-time as well.

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