Lahore, December 07, 2020: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has sealed a spice manufacturing unit on account of adulteration while carrying out an operation in the area of Lala Zar Grid Station on Monday.

PFA seals spices unit, discards 2485kg unwholesome food. 1

The operation was led by PFA Director General Rafaqat Ali Niswana. The raiding team has discarded 1,625kg fungus-infested whole chilli, 450kg sawdust, 400kg red chili powder and 10 kg loose colours during the operation.

Rafaqat Ali Niswana said that the authority has closed down a production unit of Diamond Brand Spices over proved contamination of harmful ingredients and chemicals in the fake red chilli powder. He said that PFA’s watchdogs also witnessed poor storage system, unavailability of labelling on products, an abundance of insects and presence of ready spices on the surface of the floor.

He further said that factory was also failed to produce a food license and medical certificates of their workers on the spot. He said that PFA was imposed a complete ban on the sale of loose spices and directed them to meet the Punjab Pure Food Regulations. He said that it was compulsory for spice manufactures to mention the details of ingredients, weight, expiry and manufacturing dates, company name, supplier name and address on packing.

The director general said that the use of adulterated and inferior quality spices cause health issues for its consumers. The Punjab Food Authority will not allow food business operators to breach the rules and regulations at any cost.

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