Lahore, December, 24, 2020: The Punjab Food Authority had sealed a bottle production unit on the account of manufacturing fake bottles of a well-known brand in the area of Allah Hoo Industrial Estate on Wednesday.

PFA seals non-food graded bottles manufacturing unit over counterfeiting 1

According to the details, PFA food safety teams raided the production area and recovered 1500 plastic bottles of a well-known brand along with substandard raw material, coding machine, compressor and bottles manufacturing machine.

Director General Punjab Food Authority Rafaqat Ali Naswana said that production unit was preparing fake bottles of famous brand with non-food graded material. The manufacturing unit was imprinting barcode on fake bottles to cheat consumer as original label on bottle. Teams found poor arrangements of cleanliness while administration of production unit also failed to furnish food license. The counterfeit mafia is being traced on the tip of the supply of counterfeit bottles.

He further said that usage of non-food graded plastic material can cause several diseases amongst its consumer.  Packing of food items will allowed to be made only with food graded material as per law of Punjab Food Authority. The business of anti-health elements found in counterfeiting will be shut down.

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