Pakistan conducted trail at 9000 volunteers to test the efficacy and side effects of Covid-19 vaccine, a source told. It has also decided to double the figure and more 9000 people will participate in this trail. The trails are conducting in supervision of University not Health Sciences Lahore.

Pakistan conducts trail at 18000 volunteers for Covid-19 vaccine 1

Pakistan has decided that tarils will be completed in December so that process of registration of vaccine could be initiated. Vice Chancellor of UHS said that a total number 18000 people will participate bin trial test of coronavirus to check the comprehensive results..

He said that all vaccines have different efficacy on different races and group of people so Pakistan is checking it on different groups in the country and these trails will be completed in very short time. The deadline to complete the trails has fixed at 31 December 2020.

After the success trails the vaccine against covid-19 will be registered in Pakistan. Different countries have started to vaccinate their people. In this week United Kingdom had approved the vaccine developed by pfizer and vaccination process in going to start.

“Vaccines are registered after completion of studies. Vaccine will be registered if it would be proved that it is in the best interest of Pakistani nation,” Dr.Akram Javed said.

Pakistan’s drug regulatory authority had given approval to conduct trials of the covid vaccine in August. The trials began in September of this year. Pakistan is consisting these trials in different cities and on different groups to test the results not the vaccine. China is helping Pakistan to check the vaccine and test the results that how many people after vaccination developed antibodies to fight against the lethal disease. It has leart that these trials are conducting in the people ranging from 18 to 60 years of age.

Pakistan has already allocated 150 million dollars to procure the Covid-19 vaccine from where it is available.

An official of the Ministry of National Health Services said that Pakistan was mainly focusing on the Chinese vaccine.

3,499 new coronavirus cases were registered and 39 people died during last 24 hours in the country and tally of infected people reached to 51654. Among these patients 332 are on ventilators. Positivity rate reached at the figure of 8.16 percent.

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