Pakistan becomes the home of vaccine trials against Covid-19

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is about to finish the vaccine trials of Covid-19 in the month of December. 15000 from 18000 have administered the chines vaccine. According to sources Pakistan is also preparing itself for another trial of another vaccine of Covid-19.

Covid-19 vaccine
Vaccine against Covid-19

Vice Chancellor, University of Health Sciences, Dr Javed Akram shared the details of Chinese manufactured vaccine and told that Pakistan was one of the 19 countries where Chinese were conducted the trials and we have finished 80 percent of trials. Pakistan initiated the trials in September and will end on 31th December 2020. At initial stage the sample size was 10000 and it raised to 18000.

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Chinese vaccine is called Ribonucleic acid and it has the ability to generate the antibodies against the Covid-19 and it refrains the virus to attach with lungs.

After the finish of trials the registration process of the vaccine will start in Pakistan and Pakistan will be one of those countries who will get this vaccine on priority base. Dr. Javed Akram told that the Chinese vaccine is more safe than Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine as not a single case has reported with adverse effect.

Dr.Javed Akram also told that Pakistan is also preparing itself to start a trial of Australian vaccine which is insect based.

.“It is Australian, insect-based, vaccine and arrangements are being made to get approval from the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap) and National Bioethics Committee (NBC),” Akram told.

The sample population of the Australian vaccine is 13000 volunteers and it will work on spike and will be injected. It is also a safe vaccine like Chinese.

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