Islamabad: Pakistan has not even placed and order for acquiring the corona vaccine nor any manufacturer has accepted the request to provide the corona vaccine told the Federal Government.

No order for vaccine has been placed by Pakistan 1

The developed countries have started to vaccinate their frontline workers against the corona virus but the developing countries like Pakistan are still struggling to get the order for the vaccines that could both be safe and efficacious.

Dr. Faisal Sultan, Prime Minister’s Health Assistant told, “Although, we are striving hard to get the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine at the earliest for our frontline workers and others the final order has not yet been placed and accepted (by any vaccine manufacturer).”

Dr. Faisal Sultan added that the data of China’s Sinopharm vaccine have been submitted to the DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) and the authorities are discussing for the supply of vaccine but till now there is no agreement.

“The second vaccine candidate is Cansino, whose trials are currently underway and they are a couple of weeks away from submitting their data to us. We are also interested in Russian vaccine Sputnik V, who have submitted some data but we have sought more data from them,” Dr. Sultan told.

“We are trying to get AstraZeneca vaccine both through the Covax facility and through direct procurement,” says Dr. Faisal.

Pakistan’s Health Authorities are aiming to vaccinate almost 100 million of the public.

The DRAP officials said that Pakistan is not in any rush to acquire the vaccine for the public from any country.

The DRAP told that Sinopharm vaccine was only 50% effective in Brazil and a 50% effective vaccine will be a waste of resources and vaccine.

“We need to assess the data of the vaccine’s efficacy ourselves before selecting it for the population. We would prefer a vaccine which has an emergency use authorization either from US FDA, European authorities or the World Health Organisation or its data shows at least 80-90 percent efficacy and safety,” DRAP official told.

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