Mutation of Corona virus spreads from UK to Singapore. Singapore has recorded its first mutated virus case that was previously found in Uniket Kingdom. 11 other people who already had corona virus returned with positivity from the new variant of virus.

The people that had come from Europe have been under 14 days of quarantine as well as their close friends and family members.

Mutation of Corona virus goes from UK to Singapore 1

“There is currently no evidence that the B117 strain is circulating in the community,” stated Singapore’s health ministry on the new and more powerful UK infectious strain.

The authorities of Singapore has been experimenting on the positive CoVID-19 Patients that have returned from Europe.

The people who arrived from Europe since 17 November to 17 December have been diagnosed with the mutated strain of corona virus this month.

The health ministry said “it had been able to ring-fence the case so that there was no further transmission.”

Singapore have been preventing the mutated strain from spreading the virus in the state by blocking the visitors from United Kingdom.

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