Lockdown Pakistan: Coronavirus cases are increasing every minute and the official number reached to 735 with 3 deaths which is alarming for the nation. A lot of people on twitter demanding to PM Imran Khan to take strict action to prevent a disaster which is heading towards Pakistan.

Hashtage Lockdown Pakistan showing the concern to stay at home

A hashtage with the name of #lockdownpakistan showing the concern of the nation and asking the Prime Minister Imran Khan to announce complete lockdown of the Pakistan to prevent the COVID-19. The people are suggesting Imran Khan to follow the footstep of China, Italy and other nations to control the corona vius.

Wajahat Kazmi, international journalist asked the nation to take the special medicine to prevent the coronavirus and that is to stay at home.” The medicine for #Covid_19 is now available for everyone. It’s called ‘STAY HOME’. No one can hoard it and there’s no chance of a shortage. Take this medicine right away and spread the message to your loved ones so they can take it as well – #LockDownPakistan#CoronaVirusPakistan“, said Wajat Kazmi in his weet.

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Momina Basit, MPA from PTI requested the IK to lockdown the country immediately because the nation has not resources to fight against this virus. “Italy took 53 days to lockdown and are paying the price. @ImranKhanPTI please lockdown Pakistan! we donot have enough resources to fight the virus.We can fight starvation,economic crisis, terrorism,we can fight against everything if we live. #lockdownpakistan before it’s too late”, said Momina in her tweet.

Another social media account shared the number of deaths in a single day in different countries as Italy was at number one with 793 deaths in a day and demanded the government to lockdown the country.

Chief Minister Sindh, Murad Ali Shah has already emphasized to shut down the usual business of the country to control the COVID-19 and issued the direction to the people of Sindh to self isolate for three days. Sindh has observed partial lockdown.

Omar Nadeem, owner of the Quetta Gladiators franchise in a post on Twitter said he was “breaking his silence” to urge the premier to impose a lockdown in the country.

Singer Ali Zafar also tweeted comparing the number of coronavirus patients in Italy and Pakistan and questioning where Pakistan would stand in terms of virus infections after a month.

Renowned economist Atif Mian in a Twitter thread laid out some of the steps he believed were needed to “protect Pakistan’s people and economy”. Calling the situation in the country an “emergency”, he urged the closure of all non-essential activities to stop the spread of the virus.

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