Lahore:Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar, Principal PGMI has said that in the first time at public sector hospital, Lahore General Hospital, in Punjab “No Cut No Stitch” procedure for stones, prostate gland and other urological problems has been introduced. This technique introduced by Prof. of Urology Muhammad Nazir and his team. He further said that there is a big achievement and honor for LGH/PGMI/AMC.

This technique is being practiced in urology department, LGH. The kidney and heart patients can also be benefited from this latest technique.These views were expressed at the inauguration ceremony of four more dialysis machines of worth Rs. 60 lacs to the LGH for kidney treatment, which have been donated by philanthropists and the total number of machines in the LGH Dialysis Center has increased to 32.

Principal AMC Prof. Al-freed Zafar said that the philanthropists who donated medical equipments and machinery are the pride and identity of Pakistani society and it is commendable that even today the dear homeland is rich with such personalities who spend in the way of Allah Almighty and donate millions of rupees trusting the hospital administration. He said that such people not only make a name for themselves in this world but they will also prosper in the hereafter due to their good deeds.

Faculty members, Prof. of Urology Dr. Muhammad Nazir, HoD Nephrology Dr. Aurangzeb Afzal also spoke on the occasion while MS Dr. Abdul Razzaq, Dr. Muhammad Ayub Dr. Shah Jahan, Dr. Ammar Yusuf, Dr. Saleem Malik, Dr. Abdul Aziz, young doctors and nursing staff including Kamran Zaidi, Dr. Zeeshan Venus were also present.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nazir, Professor of Urology LGH said that the Urology Ward of LGH has been completed with the help of cooperation of generous people and it is mentionable that this center is not less than any international standard in terms of their medical quality and renovation. He said that the sufficient facilities are being provided free of cost to the poor patients in these wards equipped with modern facilities which was like a beautiful dream for the needy patients which has become a reality in the General Hospital.

Prof. Nazir disclosed that supine PCNL (Per Cutaneous Nephro Lithotomy) a very small hole about ½ inch is made and all sizes of kidney stones retrieved by using laser or lithoclast, after the procedure the patient is ready to be discharged within a day.

Prof. Nazir and Dr. Aurangzeb Afzal said that dialysis of 20,000 patients is done annually on which no one has to spend a single penny while in the private sector a dialysis costs Rs. 3,000. Prof. M. Nazir revealed that this Urology Department is the only institution in which 70-beds with air-conditioned have been allotted for men and women separately where treatment of kidney and bladder diseases in children has also been provided for the first time. He said that “No Cut No Stitch” technology has also been introduced for the treatment of kidney, bladder, prostate and removal of stones, which will fulfill the need for patients and their time will also be saved. They told that the patients undergoing treatment will not have to go through any painful stages while kidney transplantation is also going on successfully here.

Talking to media, Principal PGMI further said that apart from Government resources for the provision of health facilities, the cooperation of philanthropists is of utmost importance and comrades who provide resources for the suffering humanity deserve tribute. He said that LGH’s state-of-the-art and central air-conditioned dialysis center operates 365 days a year and doctors, nurses and paramedical staff are providing services to regular patients in three shifts. There are separate machines for hepatitis patients so that other patients are not affected, he added. Prof. Al-freed said that there is also a 24-hour dialysis facility in case of emergency. He asked that people should also take care of the health of their kidneys with other organs and those who use quacks and dangerous types of compounds for the treatment of kidney and bladder and physical strength use of such harmful substances should be stopped immediately so that kidney dialysis does not occur.

He paid a detailed visit to the Urology Ward and Dialysis Center of LGH and commended the doctors, nurses and paramedics for the best arrangements in accordance with the principles of hygiene and hoped that they would continue to perform their duties with the same diligence, passion and dedication.

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