Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof. Al-freed Zafar has released the annual report of the Lahore General Hospital for the year 2020 according to which the induction of Smart Management System has significantly increased efficiency and performance of the hospital by providing quality healthcare to patients and the measures taken for the welfare of the employees are a matter of distinction as the funds provided by the Punjab Government are being spent on the treatment and welfare of the patients with utmost honesty. He expressed the satisfaction that during the current corona situation the doctors, nurses and paramedics are being treated well to the patients without any fear.

LGH 2020 Annual Report, 1508397 Patients Treated in Emergency and Outdoor 1

          These views were expressed by Principal PGMI while talking regarding the annual performance report of LGH. On this occasion, MS LGH Dr. Abdul Razzaq, Dr. Laila Shafiq, Dr. Sonia Ayoub, Dr. Abdul Aziz, and other doctors were also present.

          Prof. Al-freed Zafar said that a total of 1508397 patients came emergency and outdoor department last year to whom all medical and diagnostic facilities have been provided as per the policy of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar and Provincial Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid. He said that during this period, 704273 patients in the Emergency were given free medicines, operating equipment, diagnostic facilities and CT Scans and they did not have to spend a single penny. Despite this, the physicians continued to serve the suffering humanity as evidenced by the statistics of emergency and outdoor department, he added. Principal LGH further said that during the last 12 months, 63079 different types of operations were performed and 59940 patients were admitted to the hospital for treatment. He clarified that the availability of senior consultants in all departments of LGH, provision of modern medical equipment and clear monitoring system has increased the confidence of patients and according to the details of statistics, 103689 ultrasound and 1603630 lab tests were undertook last year while 4402 gastroscopy, 1182 kidney stones were dissolved by radiation and 19056 dialysis were done, he added. Prof. Al-freed Zafar said that 41591 CT Scans, 1530 MRIs, 44934 ECGs, 178 Mammography and 558 Angiography besides more than 2100 Fibro Scans were performed in the hospital. Principal said that LGH is the only hospital in the province where Evening Outdoor facility is available so that the employees working in Government and semi-Government institutions who cannot come in the morning hours are making full use of the evening shift. The number of patients in the evening shift has also increased relatively.

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