Minimum of 4 health workers felt victims to the Lassa fever

Abuja, March 20,2020: 161 people have been confirmed dead to the latest calamity of Lassa fever as of this Wednesday. This also includes 4 health workers who were helping in the recovery of the patients.

The director-general of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), Chikwe Ihekweazu , has said that 906 cases have been recorded of this hemorrhagic fever so far.

Ihekweazu told reporters in Abuja that the number of suspected cases is climbing and has gone to 3,735 patients so far.

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Lassa fever is transmitted by contact of saliva,urine and feces of rats with human. Its symptoms are similar to malarial patients.

Since the onset of the outbreak in January, 27 out of 36 states of Nigeria have been infected, including its economical hub Lagos.

The NCDC said it has continued to scale up its preparedness and response for Lassa fever outbreak across the country.

Recent epidemiological data show that this diseases usually occurs in the country during the dry season between January and April.

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