Lahore : special assistant to chief minister Punjab Dr Firdous ashiq awan says Lahore Jinnah Hospital is one of the most community serving hospital in Lahore.

200 operations are been done on a daily basis. This amounts to an average of 72,000 operations. 2.5 million people are being served annually. Budget of the Jinnah Hospital is 7 Arabs annually and they did savings of up to 50 crores in the previous year. Cancer patients are being treated free of cost here. 50 Arabs worth of medical treatment was provided free of cost to the patients. Still, there is no place to even sit for 5000 doctors. New operation theatres are being constructed costing 40 crores rupees.

Chairman board of governors of jinah hospital Lahore Gohar Ejaz says the dialysis centre is annually serving 50,000 dialysis patients. A kidney transplant centre is also being constructed under the care of Gohar Ejaz Foundation and it will be completed in upcoming 90 days. There is lack of resources and if the government won’t provide funds then Friends of Jinnah will do this venture.

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