Doctors struggle during Corona Virus outbreak

Doctors and Paramedics in Pakistan are endangering their lives in the fight against corona virus. They are working tirelessly without any safety masks and equipment. A young doctor named Dr Usama from Giglit Baltistan died recently while caring for the diseased. He developed symptoms and was soon in critical state. He was put on ventilator but he couldn’t survive the virus and died while performing his duties. The whole medical community is in deep sorrow on this loss and have protested to supply them with proper protective equipment and masks.

Meanwhile, another Pakistani doctor Dr. Usman Janjua has joined the fight against corona virus in Wuhan. He is a teacher from Changsha Medical University,China and is from Deena, Jhelum, Pakistan. He has won the hearts of Chinese people and their media is him as a hero.

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In an interview with Chinese media, Dr Usman Janjua said that China was like a second home for him as he had completed his education for there. “My heart beats with my Chinese brothers. If I can offer my services in Wuhan in this difficult hour, it would be a moment of pride for me and my country – Pakistan,” said Janjua.

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