There can never be anything like being overprotected.

By Anam Ahmad

As the coronavirus has become pandemic, the world is scrabbling tips and ways to protect oneself from this outbreak.

These cardinal steps can help you to stay safe from the coronavirus and can also further halt the spread of this disease.

Get a Face Mask

A face mask will keep you protected from the airborne virus as well as from the droplets that may be in the air from someone sneezing. Infection by droplets is the main transmission route of this virus. You don’t have to stock-up supplies, as it is not a must have if you are staying indoors in your home. Only those who are patients or caregivers must use masks. If you are travelling around town or going outside then you should use one but it isn’t necessary in your home environment.

Guaranteed ways to be safe from coronavirus 1
A surgical mask and an N95 respirator. Officials in China are urging citizens to wear masks in public to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But can a mask really keep you from catching the virus?

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Keep Distance

Health experts say that coronavirus can travel through droplets and can cause spread from person to person.This mode of transmission can be avoided by limiting exposure to other persons or we can call this social  distancing or Physical distancing. Actually this is standing away from other persons and at least maintain or call others to maintain distance of 1 meter (3 feet) .for this avoid public transport .In home avoid to be in closed vicinity of family members.

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Wash Your Hands

Washing hands thoroughly and properly can give protection from virus .Because by washing hands with soaps can kills germs and viruses on our this is basic step against protection from corona virus.

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Keep hands away from mouth and nose

Hands come in contact with many surfaces e.g handrails ,plastic ,glass and metal .It seems that Corona virus can persists on inanimate surfaces for up to 9 or more days .So if we keep hands on these surfaces or come into contact of one of these and after that we touch our nose ,mouth and eyes it can cause spread of virus into our respiratory system and in turns we can also become sick.Moreover it is advised to disinfect inanimate surfaces that has the potential to spread the virus with disinfectants . It entails to avoid touching nose ,mouth and eyes .

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Practice good hygiene

Make sure to follow good hygiene and also good respiratory hygiene not only by yourself but also for people around you. Dispose tissue after using it.Replace handkerchief with tissues .Also make sure to sneezed into crooked elbows or bent ones .Because this can stop the spread of droplets and risk of contamination decreased.

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Boost Up your Immune system

Boosting immune system during this pandemic is crucial .One can boost immune system through sound sleep , by use of carrots ,eggs, nuts ,oranges and long list that produces vitamin A,C and D .Can keep our immune system ready for foreign invaders and for fight against bacteria and viruses.

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Don’t panic .

Seriously guys please don’t.

Stay inside if you can.

Stay clam & Stay in touch with us on updates on coronavirus.

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