Islamabad: Federal cabinet scheduled a meeting to discuss the procurement of Covid-19 vaccine here on Tuesday. Prime Minister Imran Khan will chair the meeting.

procurement of Covid-19 vaccine

Federal cabinet will discuss all the measures suggested by the CNOC to control the corona virus in the country.

National and Operation Center has recommended the government to procure the Covid vaccine and this item is at top of the agenda meeting.

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“NCOC today finalised its recommendations for procurement of Covid vaccine. These will be presented to the cabinet tomorrow for approval. The task force of experts headed by SAPM health Dr Faisal Sultan had developed the recommendations which were discussed and finalised today,”Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar disclosed in a tweet.

It has learnt that two vaccines to control Covid-19 will be registered in the month of December and cabinet will approve to procure one of the it in today’s meeting. Pakistan will try it’s best to procure it as early as possible. In first phase this vaccine will be provided to healthcare workers, senior citizens and persons who are sufferings from chronic diseases.

The cabinet will also discuss overall political and economic situation of the country.

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