By Anam Ahmad: We slept in one world and suddenly woke up in 2020 where we have to protect ourselves from powerfully inhumane corona virus by observing different measures .Adoption of face mask culture is one of those measures.
lets see how many kinds of mask are being in used against protection from respiratory virus.And up to which level they provide safety

There are two types of face Masks to protect from coronavirus:

  1. The surgical mask.
  2. The N95 respirator .
    Let’s discover each of them in a little more detail below

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1. Surgical masks

Face Masks to protect from coronavirus 1

Surgical masks are typically designed to cover
⦁ Nose
⦁ Mouth
⦁ chin
These masks are disposable, loose-fitting face masks. Provide protection against sprays , splashes and droplets and prevent the spread of potentially infectious respiratory secretions from the wearer to others.

Surgical masks can vary in design ; often rectangular and flat in shape with folds. Mask contains a elastic band that cab either be looped behind ears or tied behind head.

2. N95 Respirators

Face Masks to protect from coronavirus 2

An N95 respirator filter out 95% of bacteria and viruses. It is more tight fitting mask with circular and oval in shape and it is designed to make a tight seal around face.
Some kinds of this respirator has an exhalation valve ,which can help breathing and buildup of heat and humidity .N95 respirators comes in different sizes .Proper seal should be formed because if mask doesn’t seal effectively .one won’t receive the protection.

Corona virus can spread from person to person via small respiratory droplets These droplets are formed when a person with virus sneezes or coughs .One can get the virus ,if we breathe in these droplets.

Surgical masks cannot provide us much protection against virus .But N95 respirator can provide some degree of protection against infection from corona virus.
So we should reserve the N95 respirator for use by health care workers and first line respondents .Because there is limited stock of N95 respirators world wide .Only wear a surgical mask if you are currently ill or looking after someone who can’t wear a mask at home . Surgical mask are disposable .Don’t reuse them .Discard surgical mask if it is damaged ,damped .

Correct wearing of N95 respirators is very important as it can protect against infection .But wearing a surgical mask won’t protect one from contracting disease but can help prevents spread of virus to others.
If one have corona virus ,use surgical mask and orient the mask with colored side of mask facing outward or away from mouth.
Rational use of face masks is advised as world is facing shortage .if you have plenty of surgical masks ,donate them to any local hospitals.

Wearing a mask is not the perfect solution to pandemic but it can help decrease the spread by wearing a mask in crowded places. Face masks might help the most when people who don’t know they are infected or ill put them on.

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