LAHORE, December 23:The year of 2020 has proved to be a very lucky for Dr. Faryad Hussain of LGH/Post Graduate Medical Institute and Ameer Uddin Medical College as he has won the honor of becoming Associate Professor of Pediatrics at an early age in this year at Lahore General Hospital. Dr. Faryad Hussain who is 38 has become an Associate Professor of Grade 19 from the PPSC. He was promoted to the post of Assistant Professor few weeks ago and in the same year in December he became an Associate Professor which is a proud step for this institution as well.

Dr.Faryad Hussain of LGH became youngest APOF pediatrics 1

Principal PGMI Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar has congratulated Dr. Faryad Hussain on becoming an Associate Professor and termed his success as a great honor for the hospital. He said that Dr. Faryad Hussain is one of the most talented and professional physicians of institute who as a young Associate Professor has the status of a role model for other young doctors. Dr. Faryad Hussain won the only seat of Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the province, is also the author of 2 books “Developed Pediatric Oncology and ROP Clinic in collaboration with Fred Hallows NGO”.

Dr.Faryad Hussain of LGH became youngest APOF pediatrics 2

It is mentionable that he has also made significant contributions to physician training and “capacity building”, including 11 research papers, numerous training workshops, and professional training for graduate and undergraduate doctors in the Pediatric. Dr. Faryad Hussain graduated from Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur and started his career as a MO at LGH in 2008. It is worth mentioning that he is also the Joint Secretary of the Pediatric Association and was promoted to Senior Registrar in 2015.

He progressed from Assistant to Associate Professor in 2020. He also thanked the Principal PGMI and Prof. Agha Shabir Ali as well as all his seniors for this achievement and expressed his determination to continue his role in the betterment of patients and especially in strengthening the Pediatrics Department.

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