LAHORE: Reports arrived recently that a mafia from the department of health was involved in smuggling and illegal selling of typhoid syringes to a local scrapyard. Reports came that an established network of influencial officers of political power in the district health authority gulberg , was involved in selling a huge dump of typhoid syringes to a local scrapyard. Police and the department of health officials raided the scrapyard and sealed it, thus taking the said syringes into custody.

Department of Health Mafia sets fire to the proof of selling typhoid syringes in market 1

The secretary of primary and secondary health Captain(R) Muhammad Usman took notice of this malicious act and issued orders of an urgent inquiry against the officials involved in this act.But the mafia that can operate upto this large of a scale was not so easy to capture. Earlier today , the sealed scrapyard containing all the proofs of this heinous act saw immense flames rising from inside the sealed scrapyard.

Department of Health Mafia sets fire to the proof of selling typhoid syringes in market 2

The scrapyard is in a very populated area and there are a lot of residents in the nearby area. But casting all these factors aside, the mafia effectively disposed off all the proof of the medical waste by setting it up on fire.Curious to know the main figures in this latest scandal?Well, it breaks our heart to inform you that Deputy District Health Officer Gulberg Town Dr. Faraz and Incharge of the Typhoid Campaign Mr. Salman Khan are the key personalities whose names are being brought forward in this scandal. Both these figures have been the subject of many cases of corruption in the past also.

The Department of Health’s Spokesperson told the press that on proving the negligence and involvement of the health officers and the contractor in this act of corruption, punishment will be given by subjecting to the articles of interfering with the government protocol, destroying the proof, doing damage to the environment and community and wreaking havoc in a heavily populated area by setting things on fire. The good news is that samples of the syringes, polio and typhoid vaccines sold to the scrapyard had already been taked. And it was confirmed that the syringes in question came from the department of health.The sad news is that these corrupted officers not only make a handsome fortune for themselves with these criminal acts but don’t even think twice that how their actions will be endangering the lives of so many innocent citizens.The Department of Health and Ministry of Health is under heavy criticism as this is the second scandal that has surfaced in the recent week.

Recently, the scandal of employing the Minister Of Health Dr. Yasmin Rashid’s Daughter in KEMU as a Permanent BS-19 assistant professor brought her under heavy criticism as there are no rules and regulations for the officials while the general public is exempted from every facility in government hospitals day by day. Routine tests are not free , behaviour of workers and doctors is questionable , there is less capacity in hospitals and the patient is increasing daily but neglecting all these things aside, whole departments are being made in hospitals to accommodate the children of the officials.Well they do say, Might Is Right.

Department of Health Mafia sets fire to the proof of selling typhoid syringes in market 3

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