Lahore: The death rate crosses 10,000 in Pakistan in which 55 people died in the last 24 hours throughout Pakistan according to the data given by the NCOC(National Command and Operation Centre).

The record given by NCOC showed that 36,390 people were tested for the corona virus out of which 2,155 people tested positive in the last 24 hours.

37,080 are the total active cases of corona found in Pakistan today and almost 4030,113 people have recovered completely from the corona virus.

From 13 to 20th December, deaths due to corona virus have been increased by 29% claiming 560 lives in the past seven days.

Death rate crosses 10,000 in Pakistan 1

Mutated strain of corona virus reaches Pakistan

First three cases of mutated virus strain was diagnosed in Sindh yesterday according to a report.

12 people who have returned from UK, the sample had been taken for CoVID-19 testing in which 6 were positive and 3 showed the new mutated corona virus, according to the Sindh Government.

Scientists have found that the viruses are mutating on a regular basis and some changes or mutations have harmful effect on the human life and some changes don’t have any effect on the human life.

This new virus SARS-CoV2 having ID B.1.1.7 was first found in United Kingdom(UK). The experts told that this virus has the ability to spread faster and they believe that it has been originated from some immunocompromised patients.

The corona virus has 17 amino acids in its protein structure, out of which eight are in the crucial spike protein. these changes helps the virus evade the immune system and make it more infectious than before.

The mutated virus discovery is alarming as 1.7 million people have died from the virus and many countries are doing vaccination to stop the virus.

The second wave of virus in Pakistan is more dangerous and is rapidly growing having the highest number of cases and the second highest number of deaths recorded 111 on Thursday.

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