Pakistan entered in critical phase and coronavirus killed 67 people in last 24 hours. This number is highest in last five months and it showed that pandemic is spreading fast in the country.

Coronavirus kills 67, situation becomes critical in Pakistan 1

National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) on Tuesday declared that the deadly virus claimed 67 and national raised to 8,091 with a morality rate 2%.However the mortality rate is below when compared to global statatics.

The coronavirus had infected 400,484 people and in last 24 hours 2,458 news cases were registered. At present 49,105 are declared as active corona virus patients, 2165 in critical condition and 282 are administrated to ventilators. A total number of 343,286 have recovered from Covid-19.

Second wave of Corona virus

The number of infected patients are increasing day by day in the second wave of the corona virus. Authorities had issued the warning to stay safe from this virus and strictly follow the SOPs but some section of society constantly ignoring it.

However the positive sign also emerged as positivity ration fell to 6.0% which were 8.4% last day. Pakistan has performed 5,549,779 PCR tests from the binging and last day 40,969 PCR tests conduct which showed that the capacity to perform the tests is increasing every day.

Azad Kashmir is again at the highest positivity ratio with 14.5% and Sindh stands at second with 10.1%. In cities, Mirpur is at the highest case positivity rate with 20.62%, followed by Peshawar at 19.58 and Hyderabad at 19.03%. Karachi recorded 13.9%, Abbottabad 11.21%, Multan 10.66% and Rawalpindi 9.27%.

Pakistan has imposed many restriction to stop the spread of this virus and closed all education institution in the country. Marriage ceremony are restricted to 300 guests and it must be in open spaces. NCOC has also recommended every one to wear mask in public places and markets are advised to follow SOPs.

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