Health Care professionals expect to increases cases of mental illness in upcoming 12 months. People with mental health issues suffer as COVID-19 lessens social contact.

Corona Virus affects mental health of people in Germany 1

Lena Ulrich after suffering 15 years from depression, she is managing her new life.

She Said that “I had a great therapist, good support in my private life and had structured and organized my life in such a way that it was working quite well for me”.

When lockdown occured in Germany in March, the public was forced to stay indoors and maintain social distances and all the services went online to reduce the corona virus infections.

“Everything collapsed relatively quickly for me,” Ulrich added. “I ended up in a rather strong and prolonged depressive episode.”

She is one of the people who suffered from corona lockdown. There are many other mental health patients who have suffered due to this lockdown a lot.

As the country Germany is still under lockdown until the end of January, it is feared that the situation will only worsen for the mental health patients.

The psychiatrists and psychotherapists have told that they are expecting an increase in mental illness over the next 12 months as a result of this corona lockdown.

I went into Depression

There have been an increase in demand for the Psychiatric outpatient clinics, counselling centres and suicide crisis services during the pandemic.

“There are now a whole series of studies showing that that the mental stress caused by the restrictive measures, or by becoming unwell, can also lead to mental illness,” Head of Psychotherapist said.

“Many of the building blocks that help me to stay stable had fallen away”, Georg Kepkowski, an patient of mental health told.

“I felt isolated and because of this… I went into a bout of depression,” told Kepkowski, who has been suffering from depression since his 20s.l

“Humans are social beings. That means we look for and need interpersonal exchange — on all levels, from small conversations in the workplace to trusting conversations with good acquaintances or friends.”, added the Head of psychotherapists.

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