By Fouzia Mustafa: Diabetes is a disease in which patient has high blood sugar levels. They are unable to control their blood sugar due to multiple reasons e.g lack of insulin, lack of insulin receptors or rejection of body to use insulin as in obesity. In addition to medications to control their sugar levels there are crucial lifestyle changes that can bring a diabetic patient to regulate their sugar levels on their own. Lets discuss these measures here:

1. Know Your Diet

Eat food at fixed hours. Do not overeat. Add fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Have 25 grams of raw onion daily. Add wheat bran to your wheat flour this will increase your fiber intake.

If you are on insulin, eat three proper meals and snacks in between. Drink plenty of water. Down below is a 3 times meal plan that will control your sugar within normal ranges.

5 Tips To Control Sugar Levels For Diabetics 1

2. Exercise Daily

Exercise will help regulate your blood sugar by utilizing your glucose in your body. cells.When you do exercise specifically aerobic exercise (walk,high)your body glucose will be utilized as a cost of energy. That’s why daily a walk or jog is an important part of treatment plan for diabetics especially for obese patients as this will also reduce their weight and in turn increase their insulin sensitivity. Here in picture showing you the importance of doing exercise for diabetics.

5 Tips To Control Sugar Levels For Diabetics 2

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3. Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol both can lead to diabetes or can worsen diabetes. Tobacco can damage the receptors of insulin and alcohol adversely damage our liver and pancreas. These two organs play role in sugar metabolism. So avoid your bad habits of tobacco and alcohol.

4. Take your prescribed medicines on time

Make sure to regulate your visit to your doctor and take your medicine whether oral hypoglycemics or insulin on prescribed times daily. These medications will keep your levels in reference range and protect you from adverse effects of high blood glucose. Lets see if you don’t control your sugar what hazards you are putting yourself in.

5 Tips To Control Sugar Levels For Diabetics 3

5. Take good care of your skin especially your feet.

Diabetes leads to neuropathic foot disorders. Inspect your skin and foot daily and avoid any kind of trauma to your feet. Wear shock absorber shoes. Daily wash your feet with soap. Look for areas of break in skin and take good care of your wounds. Below are some tips for your foot care.

5 Tips To Control Sugar Levels For Diabetics 4

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