LAHORE: As many as 302404 corona patients are recovered in the public sector hospitals being run under the control of Specialized and Primary & Secondary Healthcare departments, while 292 patients are recovered during the last 24 hours.

This was disclosed by Barrister Nabeel Ahmed Awan Secretary Specialized Healthcare Punjab today. He said that decline in wave of Corona pandemic was witnessed in the province which reflect that out of 7448 beds reserved in all govt. hospitals for corona patients, 6593 beds were lying unoccupied. Likewise, 1555 beds reserved in govt. hospitals of Lahire and 1347 beds were vacant so far. The Secretary SHC&MED said that the  department had arranged 3327 beds in Isolation wards of all govt. hospitals in the province, out of which, 3089 beds were vacant.

However, 412 beds for corona patients are reserved in isolation wards set up in govt. hospitals of Lahore and 373 beds are unoccupied. In addition, 3339 beds are also reserved in HDU for patients suffering from Covid-19 in all the hospitals of government and 2890 beds are vacant while, in hospitals of Lahore, 865 beds reserved in HDU and 756 beds are unoccupied, Nabeel Awan he added.

The Secretary SHC said the health department had arranged 782 ventilators for corona patients in all hospitals of the provincial government, of which 168 ventilators were under use while 614 were unoccupied. Around 278 ventilators are reserved in Lahore hospitals, of which 60 are occupied and 218 ventilators are vacant, said Nabeel Awan.

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