LAHORE, December 03:Secretary Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Barrister Nabeel Awan released status of facilities for COVID-19 patients on directions from the Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid here on Thursday. So far 93,600 patients have recovered from COVID-19 and returned to their homes.

Out of 7143 beds reserved for COVID-19 patients, 6198 are lying vacant. In Lahore Public sector hospital, 1777 beds are lying vacant of out of 2066 reserved.


In Punjab’s Isolation Wards, 4325 beds are lying vacant out 4752 reserved. In Lahore’s Public Sector hospitals, 1430 beds are lying vacant out of 1473 reserved in Isolation Wards. In HDUs of all Public sector hospitals in Punjab, out 1993, 1630 are lying vacant whereas in Lahore, 307 beds out of 433 in the High Dependency Units are lying vacant.

In Punjab’s government hospitals, 364 ventilators are lying vacant out of 509 reserved for COVID-19 patients. In Lahore, 98 ventilators are currently available from 154 reserved for COVID-19.

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